17 Reasons for choosing the Promun Software

Audit Trails

The audit trails conform to all relevant standards and can be retrieved at any given time

Consolidated Statements

Automatic consolidation of statements speeds up this process considerably.

Crash-Proof Recovery

Incomplete transactions are backed up at the time of system failure, preserving data integrity, minimising data maintenance and down-time. Backups can be performed on-line without interruption to normal service operations.

Data Dictionary

The very comprehensive and well-defined data dictionary provides the system with versatility and superior alteration capabilities.

Enquiry Facilities

On-line comprehensive routines re available in all the modules providing the end-user with direct access information on request, but with built-in security access right. On-line HELP facility is available throughout the system.

Fourth Generation Language

The powerful 4GL development platform creates the ultimate environment for future development and customised modifications.

Graphic Interface

Applications can run under the most popular graphical user interfaces such as MOTIF, UNIX, and SCO Open Desktop etc.

IMFO Standards

PROMUN conforms to all standards laid down by the Institute of Municipal Financial Officers.


All relevant modules are fully integrated and can be updated in on-line mode or in some cases by batch processing.

Interface With Other Systems

Import and export features are available to transfer data to and from the most popular spreadsheets and word processor packages.

Internet Support

PROMUN has the facility to be operated over the internet.


Lookups can be utilised in various fields to display and select options available for that field.


The exceptional features of the development platform and fully relational database reduce maintenance to an absolute minimum allowing DP departments to devote optimum time to development and research.

Modular Design

PROMUN has been developed on a modular basis to make it easier to support, and tailored more specifically to the particular needs of the end user.

Multi-Threaded Database

This feature allows the database server to process multiple transactions simultaneously to further enhance the performance of the system.


Up to 2048 users can access multiple databases simultaneously.

Read-only database

Features to utilise optical discs for archive purposes are built into development platform for future use.