Accurately profile consumer debtors to know who isn’t paying, who hasn’t been charged for services, and who qualifies for free services

Our Revenue Enhancement solution helps local municipalities to enforce basic management controls, like accurate billing, early leak detection, infrastructure monitoring, and the identification and prevention of illegal connections. Combined with accurate data, this helps municipalities to better understand their customer base, immediately improve revenue collection, and reduce water losses.

Our process identifies:

  • Unbilled services, incomplete billing records, and outstanding debt

  • Inadequate consumer profiling

  • Incomplete processes around tariff setting and administration

  • Incorrect allocation of transactions

  • Insufficient operating procedures to guide staff and processes around indigent awareness, registration, and management

  • Data quality issues, including missing ID numbers

  • Ways to improve coordination and collaboration between district and local municipalities

Benefits to you - Get high-quality data and direction on how to:

  • Efficiently coordinate debt collection

  • Identify indigent customers

  • Verify, segment, and manage different types of debtors and services

  • Develop actionable revenue management strategies

  • Improve processes, systems, and data quality to enhance revenue collection

  • Better determine tariffs based on the cost of services and the impact of free basic services