Top-up your utiliies account
with ease

There’s no need to visit municipal offices to buy credit – do it yourself

pay utilities

Save time and effort, and improve your safety

UtiliPay is a vending platform for prepaid water, electricity and gas. From the UtiliPay website, users can pay their municipal accounts and purchase prepaid metered water or electricity tokens


Securely log in and create a user profile

Securely log in and create a user profile

Make payments by
credit or cheque card

Securely log in and create a user profile

View account balances
and payment history


Purchase tokens on the UtiliPay app or website, or
from select retailers, spaza shops or petrol stations

buy prepaid electricity

Utilipay provides a range of benefits

Multiple options
for customers

Consumers can buy prepaid tokens from select vendors; such as, petrol stations, spaza shops, grocery stores, banks and more

Multiple channels
for customers

There is app, mobile and browser purchasing, point-of-sale (POS) purchasing. All channels are able to vend, show transfers and reflect balances

Sub-metering is
possible – and easy

Estates, apartment blocks, hostels, complexes, lodges can all be sub-metered, keeping costs separate and categorised

More safety for

Consumers without bank accounts do not need to carry cash, making the process much safer and more secure


That’s not a problem. Consumers can buy outside of municipal trading hours; even in
the middle of the night

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